About Me

My passion for user experience design stems from the sense of fulfillment I get when I can apply my design, technical, and people skills towards the variety of challenges offered by my line of work. As a newly cultivated user experience design professional, I’m planning to leverage my Bachelor of Science from the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego to first enter the world of technology and then, ultimately, design products that are not only functional, reliable, and usable…but make people feel good too. 

I offer a solid record of study across distributed cognition, cognitive ethnography, usability & information architecture, human-computer interaction design, professional web design, modeling & data analysis, software engineering, and ubiquitous computing topics.

While attending UC San Diego, I collaborated with fellow students to design and build passion projects such as a Windows Kinect application that promotes exercise safety by giving live feedback to a user about their exercise form. Since graduation, I’ve joined an early stage startup as a contract UI Designer to lead the redesign of the management console UI for a new software / hardware product in the space of Big Data infrastructure.